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meet rachel

I'm a wedding, engagement, portrait, and just a little bit of everything else photographer. I like to capture real and unique images of you, the people you love, and the special days that follow in your life.
My love for photography started years ago but it wasn't until I studied it in post secondary that I knew I specifically wanted to work with people. Seeing people happy makes me happy, and nothing is better than that. I have the need to make sure everyone is having a good time and am very hard driven. 

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I love




marvel movies with my love

silly romance novels

all of the pasta and wine I can have

and this is oli - my corgi bff

We added Oli to our little family in 2017. He's originally from the US so he's lucky to have dual citizenship now living with us in Canada! Mischievous, loud, and cunning are words we like to describe him with but we can't forget loyal, loving, and cuddly.

He's referred to as a burnt loaf of bread and I'd have to say that's my favorite type now. 

My job is to make your day easy compared to those horrible rumours people say. 

I am there to guide you during the most stressful parts and to make sure when you look back you feel like you're there all over again. Whether you cry, smile, or blow pop out of your nose from laughing too hard I will be there to document it.

I want to get to know you, not just work for you. To see your story come to life with exactly what's important to you, that's what I want capture.

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